Corporate challenges include meeting targets, achieving planned growth, running day-to-day operations, but also navigating the legal thicket of corporate law. MKZ specialists support business at all stages, beginning with incorporation plans through functioning organizations with highly complex ownership structures. While maintaining focus on short- and long-term business goals and development strategies, MKZ lends support in M&A, incorporation, and capital restructuring, as well as internal dispute resolution. Our clients include minority and majority shareholders who benefit from MKZ’s effective and efficient solutions that minimize risk.

Our services include:

  • day-do-day services for corporations, foundations, associations, divisions and branches
  • selecting optimum forms of incorporation
  • incorporation in all forms, e.g. capital companies, partnerships, associations, foundations, divisions, branches, chambers of commerce
  • company restructuring and liquidation
  • due diligence, analyses
  • corporate legal support, e.g. management and supervisory board meetings, shareholder meetings
  • shareholder agreements, term sheets, including for start-ups, joint ventures and venture capital
  • corporate governance (procedures, employment and salary terms and conditions, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, management contracts and other employment-related documentation, support and counsel in terminating employment agreements)
  • protection of proprietary information, preventing illegal competition
  • mergers and acquisitions (M&A)