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2016-12-26 mBank v. borrowers

In September 2016, the Warsaw District Court reviewed an appeal by individuals who mortgaged their homes at mBank and claimed abusive contractual clauses. On appeal, the court reversed the judgment of the court of first instance, finding that mBank established unclear, and therefore abusive, terms and conditions for setting the interest rate in CHF, allowing discretionary rate changes. In 2013, […]

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2016-12-25 Corporate Blackmail – Article in DGP

On 9 August 2016, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna published yet another article by an MKZ Partnerzy attorney. Based on his experience and cases handled at MKZ Partnerzy Corporate and Litigation Practice, staff attorney Sebastian Mikina presents a clear description of corporate blackmail and legal tools to protect company interests against acts of minority shareholders in a limited-liability company. More information –

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2016-12-24 Start-up Risk

On 21 June 2016, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna published an article on risky investment agreements by Sebastian Mikina, an MKZ Partnerzy staff attorney. The article should be of particular interest to those considering a start-up. More information on

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2016-12-23 Pro bono at Łazarski University

On 21 May 2016, attorneys MKZ Partnerzy Katarzyna Ignatowicz-Dębska and Przemysław Izdebski took part in the fifth edition of “Legal Days at Łazarski University” as part of the 100th anniversary celebration of Mokotów being incorporated into Warsaw. During the event, they provided free legal advice in civil, family, criminal and labor law. MKZ’s office is located in the heart of […]

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2016-12-21 Another Completed Restructuring

In the course of 2016, MKZ Partnerzy restructured the financial liabilities of individuals and corporations totaling PLN 10 million. We represented our clients in cases against leading banks and credit unions. We are happy to have contributed to solving the financial issues of individuals who trusted our professionalism and negotiating skills.

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2016-12-20 2016 CEEQA AWARDS

The 2016 CEEQA AWARDS GALA was held in May. Katarzyna Kosicka-Polak and Artur Zawolski had the pleasure of representing MKZ Partnerzy at this prestigious event. It was an honor for our law firm to not only participate in the event, but also that satisfied clients took notice of MKZ Partnerzy, once again proving our ability to compete with large international law […]

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